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scope of services

We do offer

Means of transport

Transportation can be done by various types of trailers:

  • standard tilt and taut trailers, from 90 to 120 cbm
  • refrigerated hardbody trailers, 13,6 m of length
  • isotherm trailers, 13,6 m of length
  • double deck trailers, 66 pallets
  • tank trailers for liquids, up to 32.000 ltr


Specialization to a particular scope gives us a competitive advantage at pricing, capacity and quality. For this reason chose particular European regions, where we do strengthen our positions.

Most of the transportations are being performed in the area of EU. Strongest positions are in these regions:  

  • Baltic States and Poland: LT, LV, EE, PL, FIN
  • Central Europe: HU, SK, CZ, RO
  • Western Europe: DE, NL, BE
  • Southern Europe: IT, ESP

We do also perform transportations to other European countries and Russia.

If you do need to get your goods transported or have a truck available, don't hesitate to contact us.